When hiring a Virtual Assistant you will free up time, reduce stress and have a reliable experienced office professional to rely on. There is risk with taking on a permanent employee, a bad hire could cost your company a lot of money. I have put together a few of those headaches that are eliminated when hiring a Virtual Assistant for your small business.


No permanent employee contract

You can hire a Virtual Assistant on an as needed basis.


No permanent employee responsibilities

Engaging a contractor means you do not have to worry about their Superannuation, PAYG withholding tax, overtime rates, sick leave, annual leave cover costs or work cover.


Save on technology and overheads

Save on office space costs, supplies and technology purchases or additional computer software charges.


Only pay for the time worked

Virtual Assistant’s are efficient and highly experienced to get tasks done well and efficiently.


No 9-5 restriction

Virtual Assistant’s can work outside normal office hours and work around your schedule.


High Quality Work

Virtual Assistant’s are committed to their clients and want to see their clients excel. As it is their personal brand out there.


No training costs

Virtual Assistant’s are committed to always growing their skill set and undertake training regularly to keep up with the latest trends in their field.


A go to person who wears many hats

A Virtual Assistant is an assistant. They have a huge range of business experience from working with a range of different clients . VA’s will teach themselves something if they don’t know how to do it. If you need help with various things or just need advice or a second opinion a Virtual Assistant is always willing to help.