One of the staple programs for any business is Microsoft Word. After formatting hundreds of resumes, documents and more I have picked up some time saving shortcuts you may have not heard about. So here is a list of a few of my favourites to help you use the program more effectively and make professional looking documents, quickly!


Format Painter

One of my top shortcuts is the format painter. If you are improving a document and you need to streamline the same formatting across different parts of it, this is a great help. Highlight the text containing the formatting you want. Press Ctrl+Shift+C. Next highlight the text you wish to change the formatting on and click Ctrl+Shift+P. This is great for lining up bullet points, changing headers to match and even colours. The paint button on the home page also gets the same outcome. Click once to copy to one place and click twice for more!




Horizontal line

Do you want to underline a title? Rather than using the horizontal line or attempting to insert a line from the shapes option, just add a bottom border. It just ads a neat line from indent to indent. This also works if you would like a line on top of your text. Just hit the top border button.




Pasting from a different document

Have you ever pasted something from a different document to find the formatting changes? This is usually because it is from a different version of Word. Keep the original formatting by doing the following. Ctrl+P to paste, then tap (not hold) Ctrl once then a drop down appears. Tap K to keep the source formatting. There are other options like Ctrl (tap not hold) + T this will paste as text with no formatting.



Change Case

WANT SOMETHING IN ALL CAPITALS? Or Capitilise Each Word? There is an easy button for that too. Just on the home bar there is a button with Aa. This give different options to change the case of the selected text.




Columns as a Table

An easier way to put a section of columns into a document is to add a table and change the borders to “No Border”. This gives more flexibility in lining things up not only vertically but horizontally as well.



Remove all formatting to start again

Got a formatting nightmare? Start from scratch by selecting the text and next to the Aa button is an A with an eraser. Click this and it will clear any formatting. (This is also great when you paste from a webpage and you get some of the website formatting)



Bonus Tip!

Quickly add todays date

Just hit Alt-Shift-D and it will add the current date automatically.


Do you have any favourite tips or shortcuts you would like to share? I’d love to hear about them!