You may have heard of a Virtual Assistant but are not quite sure what they are or how they can benefit a business. The way we do business is changing, especially startups and small businesses. Technology has advanced so much that taking on a virtual assistant can eliminate those time consuming administrative headaches and help you kick start or grow your business efficiently and present your company brand at the best it could be.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is essentially an administrative support guru. A highly skilled professional who carries out business support tasks for their clients. Virtual Assistants generally work from home and provide all their own equipment and software. They are contractors so businesses are not responsible for employee tax, superannuation, workcover and the rest of employee related responsibilities and costs.

What types of companies use a Virtual Assistant?

Small business and startups are generally the type of clients that engage a Virtual Assistant as they don’t have the funding or resources to commit to an employee, but need the support and knowledge of a highly skilled admin person to take the pressure off.

What do Virtual Assistants do?

Virtual assistants can be hired on an as-needed basis. If help is needed with a small task or someone to take on ongoing responsibilities, a Virtual Assistant is a great asset. This means companies will have more time focus on building client relationships and growing their business. The types of tasks a Virtual Assistant can range anywhere from data entry, social media and marketing, right through to answering phones and managing databases. With the amount of technology around, a huge range of administration duties can be done online, more than you think!

Virtual Assistants share the same goal as their clients. They want to help their clients business to succeed, as it is their livelihood too.


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